lördag 5 maj 2018


Here is my magnolia, blooming for the first time

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  1. So beautiful! Magnolias are wonderful!

  2. Dearest Britt,
    Oh what a gorgeous white magnolia tree you have; so compact because it grows slower in your climate.
    That creates over the years a far better shape and also more blossoms. ENJOY them while they last.
    We have the big Magnolia grandiflora now blooming but our climate is close to subtropic.
    I've missed my garden as I'm on a crutch since March 27. Got my pelvic bone fractured in 2 spots; closed fractures though. It will heal by itself but slow... Till June 12 I must go like this. But I'm putting myself to use by scanning all those years of letters from loved ones. Had them sorted in plastic bags and by year but now they will be digital and my husband is reading them one more time; his Mom's letters, his two brothers who are no longer alive... Still got my Mom's letters too but have to manage those later and share with my siblings. Precious to have and I'm happy as of today I've managed 25% of the years I have to do.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Dear Mariette!
      Thanks for your comment. I hope that you gonna be well from your bone fracture, but it will take time I guess. We have now 23degrees celsius in the shadow, so here is very warm for the season.
      Many hugs from Britt